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Rotterdam Airport

Rotterdam Airport is one of the fastest growing airports in the Netherlands today. It is also known as The Hague. It serves the city of Rotterdam in the south of the Netherlands as well as Den Haag which is to the west. There are a number of flying clubs stationed here and it was built way back in 1955 after it had been destroyed during the Second World War. Many tourists consider Rotterdam as their holiday destination and the easiest way to get to the city is through Rotterdam airport.

Therefore it plays a key role in ensuring that people can easily access this city which is one of the most important in the Netherlands. Originally the airport was known as Zeisternhoven and in the 1970’s Rotterdam airport had a bad experience financially. There were even intentions of closing it. The decision to continue maintaining it was reached in the 1990’s after an economic revival. Today it is considered as one of the most important airports in the Netherlands and its nearby regions.

Passenger Stats

1 million passengers usually go through. There are excellent facilities which even cater for the needs of the disabled passengers and that is the reason why many tourists love using it. Secondly it is not hard for the passengers to find connecting transport since there are taxis, buses and car hire services available. It is estimated that nearly 3,100 passengers go through Rotterdam Airport on a daily basis. You will also find ATMs at the transit hall and there is wireless internet connectivity.


You can do all your shopping. There are shops is at the departures lounge and you will find a wide selection of items that includes apparel, perfumes, wine and many more. Therefore if you need something when traveling you can easily buy it at Rotterdam airport shop before leaving to your destination.


Rotterdam airport is 8 kilometers to the north of Rotterdam. It is to the north west of Rotterdam and you can easily access it by public transport, car or taxi. There are car hire services at the arrival hall to assist you if you need to hire a car. There is bus no 333 serving this location and the central station. During the weekdays the bus runs as from 6am, on Saturday it runs from 6.30 am and on Sunday it is from 8. 30 until midnight.


If you need any information about the flights there is the information desk at the transit hall. Among the flights that operate is the Transvia airline which is a low cost carrier. The airline service was introduced way back in 1965 and it began its operation in 1966 from the Amsterdam Schiphol.

There is also the Correndon and the VLM airline services which connect Rotterdam airport with the UK and the other parts of Europe. Transvia airlines connect to Geneva, London Stansted, Rome, Nice, Hamburg, Faro and a few other places. There is only one terminal which handles the flights from some of the small carrier. Foreign and domestic airlines depart on a regular basis and there are 7 departure gates. There is an official website which provides information about its flights and ensures that people are well informed about its operations, but you can also find all the resources you need on this website.

Many people find the facilities are excellent and they have cafes/restaurants where one can eat. Come and visit today and have a taste of the great services they offer to the travelers.

Airport Information

Official Name:
The Hague
Time Zone:
GMT +1.0
Latitude (DD):
Longitude (DD):
Latitude (DMS):
51° 57’ 25" N
Longitude (DMS):
4° 26’ 14" E
Passengers (2017):
Official Website:


2,200m (7,218ft)
45m (148ft)